Is Los Angeles Good for Mountain Biking?

Los Angeles is often thought of as a sprawling metropolis with a car-dominated culture, but the city has some great mountain biking opportunities. With its varied terrain and year-round mild temperatures, Los Angeles is a great spot for mountain biking.

The Santa Monica Mountains offer an extensive network of trails suitable for riders of all levels. From the beginner-friendly trails of Corral Canyon to the rugged technical sections of Backbone Trail, there’s something for everyone. The trails provide spectacular views of the city and ocean – making it easy to forget you’re in one of the most populous cities in the world.

Heading east from Santa Monica, riders can explore some of the more technical trails in Griffith Park. This area offers plenty of challenge and rewards those who take on its rocky terrain with stunning views.

For those who prefer downhill riding, Los Angeles also offers some great options. Mount Baldy has plenty of runs that range from intermediate to expert level, while Malibu Creek State Park is home to some true freeriding gems.

In terms of bike shops and repair centers, Los Angeles is well-equipped. There are plenty of shops throughout the city that cater to mountain bikers, offering everything from basic tune-ups to custom builds.


Overall, Los Angeles is an excellent destination for mountain biking lovers. With its varied terrain and plentiful bike shops and repair centers, it’s hard to beat LA as a place to ride.

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Jennifer Watson