Is Military Boots Good for Hiking?

Military boots are not typically thought of when considering the best hiking boots available. It’s true that military boots are designed for rigorous, tough use and can handle a lot of abuse.

However, they’re typically not designed with comfort in mind or with the specific needs of a hiker in mind.

The first factor to consider when evaluating whether military boots are suitable for hiking is cushioning and shock absorption. Hiking puts a great deal of strain on the feet, ankles and knees; any good pair of hiking boots should provide adequate cushioning to minimize this strain.

Military boots typically do not have adequate cushioning or shock absorption, making them less suitable for long hikes.

The second factor to consider is traction and grip. A good pair of hiking boots should provide excellent traction on all types of terrain, from rocky trails to slippery mud and snow.

Military boots typically have very little tread pattern, meaning they may not provide enough grip on slippery surfaces.

Finally, durability is an important factor when considering any type of footwear. Military boots are certainly extremely durable – they have been designed to withstand tough conditions – but they may be too heavy and clunky for some hikers’ needs. Additionally, the leather used in most military-style boots may be too stiff for some people’s comfort.


In conclusion, while military boots are incredibly durable and capable of handling tough terrain, they may not be the best option for hikers who need cushioning, shock absorption or excellent grip on slippery surfaces. For those who require these features in their footwear, a more specialized pair of hiking boots may be more appropriate.

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