Is Snow Summit Open for Mountain Biking?

Snow Summit, located in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, is a popular destination for all kinds of outdoor activities. With its wide variety of trails and terrain, Snow Summit is especially popular with mountain bikers. But is Snow Summit open for mountain biking?

The answer to that question depends on the season. During the winter months, Snow Summit is primarily used as a ski resort and mountain biking is not allowed as the trails are covered in snow. However, once the snow melts and warmer temperatures arrive, the resort opens up for summer activities including mountain biking.

Snow Summit offers a variety of terrain for mountain bikers ranging from beginner-friendly trails to intermediate and advanced-level options. The resort has over 100 miles of single-track trails that traverse through forests, meadows, and even creekside areas. All trails are clearly marked with signs indicating their difficulty level so you can find one that best suits your skill level.

In addition to its well-maintained trails, Snow Summit also provides amenities such as bike rentals, bike repair services, showers and restrooms. They also host events throughout the year including downhill races, enduro races and even trick contests.

So while Snow Summit isn’t open for mountain biking during the winter months when it’s covered in snow, it definitely opens up during the summer season when temperatures rise. Mountain bikers can enjoy an array of trails ranging from easy to difficult along with various amenities available at the resort.


Yes – Snow Summit is open for mountain biking during warmer months when there is no snow on its trails. With 100+ miles of single-track trails ranging from easy to advanced levels as well as bike rental and repair services available onsite – it’s a great destination for riders of all skill levels!

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