Is Spokane Good for Mountain Biking?

Spokane, Washington is a great place for mountain bikers of all skill levels. With its wide variety of trails and terrain, it’s easy to find something to fit your riding style. From winding single track trails to long-distance cross-country rides, Spokane has it all.

Spokane is home to several popular mountain biking areas, including Riverside State Park and the Spokane River Centennial Trail. Riverside State Park features over 35 miles of trails that range from beginner-friendly paths to technical single track.

In addition, the park offers spectacular views of the Spokane River and the surrounding mountains. The Spokane River Centennial Trail provides riders with more than 70 miles of scenic trails along the banks of the river.

In addition to these popular destinations, Spokane has numerous other mountain biking opportunities. Nearby Mt.

Spokane State Park offers over 60 miles of challenging terrain that includes downhill runs and technical singletrack trails. Other nearby areas such as Dishman Hills Natural Area and Beacon Hill offer more beginner-friendly options for those just starting out.

Beyond these local areas, there are even more opportunities for riders looking for adventure in Spokane. The nearby Colville National Forest features hundreds of miles of trails perfect for cross country riding or even a multi-day backpacking trip. Further afield, riders can explore the vast network of trails in nearby Idaho or even venture out on a road trip across Washington.


Overall, it’s clear that Spokane is an excellent destination for mountain bikers. With its wide range of trails and terrain, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs no matter what level rider you are. So if you’re looking for some outdoor adventure, grab your bike and head to Spokane!

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