Is Steamboat Open for Mountain Biking?

The answer to the question of whether steamboat is open for mountain biking depends on the time of year and the type of terrain you are looking for. Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a great destination for mountain bikers, offering a variety of terrain from beginner to expert level.

During the summer months, Steamboat offers miles of trails for all levels, ranging from easy single-track trails to more technical downhill runs.

The local bike shop, Ski Haus, offers guided mountain biking tours as well as rentals and repairs. They also have maps available to show where the trails are located and what type of terrain they offer.

There are several bike parks in the area with resident bike patrol personnel available to help riders safely navigate the trails.

Steamboat Springs is also home to one of America’s largest free ride parks – Howelsen Hill Bike Park. This park has over 10 miles of downhill trails ranging from beginner to expert level, with features such as jumps, drops, berms and tabletops.

It also features an advanced flow trail called “The Maze”. The park is open seven days a week during the summer months and has a fee for entry.

In addition to these local parks there are plenty of other options in the area for mountain biking enthusiasts. The nearby Flat Tops Trail System offers over 180 miles of singletrack trails along with breathtaking views and plenty of wildlife. The nearby Sarvis Creek Wilderness Area also has some excellent mountain biking options as well.


So, Is Steamboat Open for Mountain Biking? Yes! Steamboat Springs offers miles of trails for all levels in addition to several bike parks available during the summer months. There are plenty of other options in the area for more adventurous riders as well!

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