Is Stevens Pass Open for Mountain Biking?

Stevens Pass, located in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding. It is also an excellent place to mountain bike during the summer months.

The terrain at Stevens Pass offers something for all levels of riders. Beginners will appreciate the wide open trails that are perfect for learning how to navigate obstacles, while more advanced riders will find plenty of technical singletrack and downhill runs. The mountain has a vast network of trails that wind through old-growth forests, meadows, and along ridgelines with stunning views of the surrounding peaks.

Stevens Pass is known for its abundant snowfall which keeps many trails covered in snow until late spring or early summer.

This makes it an ideal place to mountain bike since the trails are often free of mud and debris and can be ridden year-round. In addition, the resort offers lift-assisted access to some of the most popular trails in the area.

The mountain bike season at Stevens Pass typically runs from late May through October, depending on snowfall and weather conditions. During this time, cyclists can take advantage of a variety of activities including group rides, clinics, races, and special events. Mountain bikers should note that some areas may require additional permits or passes to access certain trails or features.


Yes, Stevens Pass is open for mountain biking during the summer months from late May through October depending on weather conditions and snowfall amounts. There is terrain suitable for all levels of riders and lift-assisted access to many popular trails as well as group rides, clinics, races, and special events available throughout the season.

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