Is Strava Good for Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking is an exciting outdoor activity for many people, and Strava is a great way to track and share your rides. With the ability to create custom routes and keep track of your progress, Strava makes it easy to stay connected with your friends and family who also enjoy mountain biking.

Easy to Use: Strava is incredibly user-friendly and allows you to easily map out a route, save it, and share it with your friends. With the app, you can also easily track your distance, time, speed, elevation gain, heart rate, and other stats as you ride. This makes it easy to compare yourself with others and see how you stack up in terms of performance.

Competitive Environment: Another great benefit of using Strava for mountain biking is that it creates a competitive environment. You can set up challenges or join existing ones that allow you to compete against yourself or others. This encourages riders to push themselves further than they would have otherwise in order to beat out the competition.

Social Connections: Strava also provides an opportunity for riders to stay connected with each other even when they aren’t physically able to ride together. The app allows users to post pictures from their rides along with comments about their experiences. This helps build relationships between riders who may not have been able to meet up in person.

In Conclusion: All in all, Strava is an excellent tool for mountain bikers who want to keep track of their progress and make connections with other riders. It’s easy to use interface makes it accessible for riders of all levels while its competitive features encourage them to strive for greater heights than ever before. Therefore, we can conclude that Strava is indeed good for mountain biking!

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Alex Wright