Is Sundance Open for Mountain Biking?

The Sundance Ski Resort in Utah is known for its world-renowned skiing, but it’s also a popular destination for mountain biking. The resort offers a variety of trails for both downhill and cross-country mountain bikers, making it an ideal spot for those looking to explore the mountainside on two wheels. For those who are seeking some thrilling downhill action, the resort has several chairlifts that make it easy to access the terrain. The lifts provide access to a wide range of trails that vary in difficulty from beginner to expert.

In addition to the downhill trails, there are also plenty of cross-country routes available at Sundance. These routes offer riders a chance to explore the stunning scenery and experience some of the best riding in Utah. The trails range from easy, scenic rides through meadows and forests to more challenging technical routes with rock gardens and technical descents.

There are also several races held throughout the year at Sundance that attract riders from across the country.

For those looking for even more of an adventure, Sundance also offers lift-serviced bike parks that allow riders to take on some of their most daring stunts and jumps without having to pedal all the way up. These parks have terrain features such as jumps, berms, rollers and drops that provide riders with an adrenaline-filled ride down the hillside.

Sundance is open year-round for mountain biking so you can experience the thrill of riding any time of year. The resort has been hosting riders since 1994, making it one of Utah’s oldest and most popular bike destinations.


Yes, Sundance is open for mountain biking all year round! This makes it an ideal destination for both novice and experienced riders who want to explore Utah’s stunning scenery on two wheels.

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