Is Tent Camping Allowed in Maryland?

Tent camping is a popular activity across the country, and Maryland is no exception. With its vast coastline and beautiful river valleys, Maryland provides ample opportunity for campers of all kinds. So, is tent camping allowed in Maryland? The answer is yes!

The state of Maryland offers both public and private camping opportunities. Public campgrounds are managed by the National Forest Service, state parks, and other organizations. These sites provide basic amenities such as fire pits, picnic tables, running water, and restrooms. All public campgrounds require a fee for use, but offer discounts for seniors and veterans.

Private campsites are also available in Maryland.

These sites are operated by individuals or companies that rent out their property to campers. Private sites often have more amenities than public sites, including RV hookups, hot tubs, showers, and even swimming pools. Prices vary depending on the features offered at the site.

When it comes to regulations and safety measures related to tent camping in Maryland, all campers need to be aware of their local laws and regulations. Most campsites require campers to obtain a permit prior to setting up their tent. Additionally, fire safety laws must be strictly followed when using any type of open flame or cooking stove at a campsite.


In conclusion, tent camping is allowed in Maryland; however it is important for all campers to be aware of the regulations and safety measures that pertain to the area they are visiting. With its variety of public and private campsites across the state, Maryland offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts looking for an adventure!

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