Is There Good Mountain Biking in Albuquerque?

Albuquerque is home to a wide variety of outdoor activities, including mountain biking. The city is surrounded by mountains and desert, providing cyclists with plenty of scenic routes. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, there is something for everyone in Albuquerque.

Mountain Biking Trails – Albuquerque offers some of the best mountain biking trails in the Southwest. There are more than 400 miles of multi-use trails around the city, ranging from easy beginner routes to advanced technical trails. Many of these trails take riders through stunning desert and mountain scenery, making them perfect for a day or weekend outing.

Organized Rides – If you want to join others on a mountain bike ride in Albuquerque, there are several organized rides you can join. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department sponsors weekly group rides on various trails around town. These rides are open to all levels and offer an opportunity to explore new terrain and meet other riders in the area.

Rental Shops – If you don’t have your own bike, there are plenty of places to rent one in Albuquerque. There are several bike shops that specialize in rentals, and these shops often offer guided tours as well. This is a great way to get out on the trails without having to worry about hauling your own bike around town.

Events – If you want to make your mountain biking experience even more memorable, consider attending one of the many cycling events that take place in Albuquerque each year. From races like the Tour de Albuquerque and La Ruta Del Vino to family-friendly festivals like Bikefest ABQ, there’s something for everyone when it comes to cycling events in the city.

With its vast array of trails and organized rides, as well as its numerous rental shops and cycling events, it’s easy to see why Albuquerque is such a popular destination for mountain bikers from all over the world. From beginners looking for an easy ride through stunning scenery to seasoned veterans seeking a more challenging route, there is something for every level rider here in New Mexico’s largest city.

Conclusion: Yes!

There is good mountain biking available in Albuquerque! With its huge selection of trails for all skill levels and its range of organized rides and rental shops available throughout the year, it’s no wonder that so many people come from all over the world just to experience the thrill of riding through this beautiful landscape.

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