Is There Good Mountain Biking in Boulder?

Boulder, Colorado is known for its outdoor recreation, beautiful scenery, and laid back lifestyle. One of the most popular activities in the area is mountain biking. With hundreds of miles of trails, Boulder has something for everyone from experienced riders to those just starting out.

The best place to begin mountain biking in Boulder is the famous Boulder Creek Path. This path runs along the city’s iconic creek and offers a pleasant ride through the picturesque downtown area.

The path is wide and mostly flat, making it an excellent choice for novice riders or those just looking for a leisurely ride.

For more adventurous bikers, there are several trails within Boulder County that offer more challenging terrain. The Betasso Preserve Trail offers rocky switchbacks and steep climbs over a five-mile loop. Another popular spot is Walker Ranch Loop which has rolling hills and stunning views of the foothills.

For those looking for an even bigger challenge, there are several trails in nearby National Forests that offer some of the most technical riding in the state. The Hall Ranch Trail System near Lyons has some of the best single track in Colorado, while White River National Forest near Aspen has everything from tight switchbacks to fast descents.


In conclusion, there is certainly no shortage of good mountain biking in Boulder. Whether you’re just getting into mountain biking or are a more experienced rider looking for a challenging ride, Boulder has something to offer everyone.

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