Is There Good Mountain Biking Near Seattle?

For those living in Seattle, or visiting, who are looking for a good mountain biking experience, there are some amazing trails to explore. From easy trails for beginners to more challenging terrain for the experienced rider, there’s something for everyone. Be it a day trip or an extended vacation, Seattle offers some truly memorable rides.

Just a short drive away from Seattle is the Staircase Ranger Station in Olympic National Park. This area is considered by many to be one of the best mountain biking spots in the region. With miles of single-track trails and gorgeous views of the mountains and rivers, this is a great place to spend a day or two (or more) exploring on two wheels.

If you’re looking for something closer to town, Tiger Mountain State Forest has some excellent trails as well. Located just south of Issaquah, this park features over 25 miles of multi-use trails ranging from beginner level to advanced. The scenery here is also stunning, with plenty of trees and wildlife to enjoy while riding.

The city of Redmond also has some great mountain biking options nearby. Just east of town lies Duthie Hill Park which is home to over 10 miles of singletrack trails that wind through beautiful forests and open meadows. This park has something for everyone from beginners to experts.

For those who don’t mind traveling a bit further out from Seattle, there’s Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula. This area features over 20 miles of single-track trails as well as some technical terrain that will challenge even the most experienced riders. Not only that but you can also enjoy breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains while you ride.

In conclusion, there are many great places near Seattle for mountain bikers of all levels and abilities. Whether you’re looking for an easy trail close to town or an epic adventure further out in nature, there are plenty of places where you can have an amazing time on two wheels. So get out there and start exploring!

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