Is There Mountain Biking in Illinois?

Mountain biking is a popular outdoor activity in Illinois. It offers outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the beautiful terrain and natural beauty of the state. There are many trails available to mountain bikers, ranging from easy to difficult. Some of these trails are rugged and technical, while others are more suitable for those who are just starting out.

In Illinois, there are several parks and forests that offer mountain biking trails for different levels of riders. These parks and forests include: Shawnee National Forest, Starved Rock State Park, White Pines State Park, Kickapoo State Recreation Area, and Giant City State Park. Each of these areas offers its own unique terrain for riders to enjoy.

In addition to these parks and forests, there are also numerous mountain biking clubs and organizations that offer rides throughout the state.

These organizations often provide maps of trails as well as tips on safety and technique. They also host events such as races or group rides that can be a great way to meet other riders in the area.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources also offers several programs designed to promote mountain biking in the state. These programs include educational workshops on safety and trail design as well as guided rides on specific trails. They also offer grants that support new trail construction or maintenance projects.

Illinois has something special to offer mountain bikers at all levels of experience. From remote backcountry trails in Shawnee National Forest to family-friendly courses in White Pines State Park, there is something for everyone who wants a great day out on two wheels.


Yes, there is definitely mountain biking in Illinois! Whether you’re an experienced rider looking for technical challenges or a beginner just getting into the sport, there are plenty of great options all over the state for you to enjoy. With its diverse terrain and dedicated organizations promoting responsible riding, it’s easy to find an enjoyable ride no matter where you live in Illinois.

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