Is There Mountain Biking in Scottsdale?

Mountain biking in Scottsdale, Arizona is a popular activity for visitors and locals alike. With its picturesque desert scenery, Scottsdale is home to some of the best mountain biking trails in the state. From beginner-friendly trails to technical single track, there’s something for everyone.

The most popular mountain biking trail in Scottsdale is the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. This network of trails offers over 100 miles of riding, ranging from easy to difficult.

The preserve is divided into four sections: North McDowell Mountains, Gateway Trailhead, Tom’s Thumb Trailhead, and Brown’s Ranch Trailhead. Each section has its own unique terrain and features endless opportunities for exploration.

Another popular spot for mountain biking in Scottsdale is the South Mountain Park and Preserve. This area covers more than 16,000 acres and offers over 50 miles of trails for all skill levels. The preserve is also home to some of the best downhill trails in Arizona.

In addition to these two well-known spots, there are many other places to mountain bike in Scottsdale. Some of these include: Usery Mountain Regional Park, Cave Creek Regional Park, Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, Lost Dog Wash Trailhead, and Pinnacle Peak Park.

The answer to ‘Is There Mountain Biking in Scottsdale?’ is a resounding yes!

Scottsdale boasts some of the best mountain biking trails in Arizona with options suiting every skill level. Whether it’s exploring the McDowell Sonoran Preserve or tackling some technical single track at South Mountain Park and Preserve – there’s something here for everyone!

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