Should I Put a Tarp Under My Tent When Camping?

Many campers wonder if it is necessary to put a tarp under their tent when camping. After all, the ground seems like a safe enough spot to sleep on, right?

The truth is that putting a tarp under your tent can provide many benefits and make your camping experience more enjoyable. Tarps have the ability to protect you from the elements, which can be especially helpful in areas prone to rain, mud, and other moisture.

They also provide an extra layer of insulation from the cold ground, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout your stay. Finally, tarps are extremely versatile and can be used for other purposes such as creating extra seating or for a picnic blanket.

In addition to providing protection and warmth, tarps also make camp setup much easier. This is especially true if you are camping in an area with rocky or uneven terrain. Instead of struggling to clear out rocks or sticks from the ground before pitching your tent, you can simply lay down the tarp first and create a flat sleeping surface in minutes.

Finally, tarps can also help protect your tent from wear and tear. Rocks and sticks underneath your tent can easily damage the fabric over time and create leaks or holes which could eventually lead to bigger issues down the road.

By using a tarp first, you effectively create an added layer of protection that helps keep your tent safe from sharp objects that may be lurking underneath.


In conclusion, it is highly recommended that campers use a tarp underneath their tents when camping. Not only does it provide extra warmth and protection from the elements but it also makes camping setup much easier by creating a flat surface for pitching tents on uneven terrain as well as protecting them from wear and tear over time.

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Chris Powell