Should You Seal Outdoor Cedar Furniture?

Cedar furniture is a popular choice for outdoor patio furniture because it is highly resistant to rot and decay. Cedar is also a beautiful wood that can provide a warm and inviting atmosphere to any outdoor space. However, like all woods, cedar should be properly sealed to ensure its longevity.

The main benefit of sealing outdoor cedar furniture is that it will help to protect the wood from the elements. Sealing the wood helps to prevent moisture from seeping into the pores of the wood, which can cause it to rot or decay over time.

Sealing also helps to prevent UV rays from damaging the wood’s color and finish. Additionally, sealing will help keep bugs and pests away from your furniture, as they are attracted to untreated wood.

There are several types of sealants available for cedar furniture, including oil-based sealants, water-based sealants, and polyurethane sealants. Oil-based sealants are best for protecting against water damage and providing a glossy finish.

Water-based sealants provide good protection against UV rays but tend to have a duller finish than oil-based sealants. Polyurethane sealants offer excellent protection against UV rays but are often more expensive than other types of sealants.

When applying any type of sealant, it is important to follow the instructions carefully in order to achieve optimal results. Generally speaking, it is best to apply two or three coats of sealant in order to ensure proper coverage and protection for your cedar furniture. Additionally, you should apply additional coats every year or two in order to maintain the original look and feel of your furniture over time.

In conclusion, if you want your outdoor cedar furniture to last as long as possible, you should make sure to properly seal it with an appropriate sealant. Doing so will help protect your investment by preventing moisture damage, UV fading, bugs, and other potential problems down the road.

Should You Seal Outdoor Cedar Furniture?

Yes! Sealing outdoor cedar furniture with an appropriate sealant will help protect it from moisture damage, UV fading, pests, and more.

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