What Is a Camp Host at National Park?

When it comes to experiencing the beauty of a National Park, there’s no better way than becoming a camp host. Working as a camp host in a National Park offers individuals the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while receiving generous benefits such as a free campsite and access to discounts on park amenities.

The primary duties of a camp host include providing customer service at the campground and assisting visitors with their camping needs, such as setting up tents or helping them find firewood. In addition, they are responsible for conducting daily sweeps of all campsites to ensure that campers are adhering to park rules and regulations. They also ensure that all campsites have adequate space for visitors and keep the area clean and safe for everyone.

Hosts also act as goodwill ambassadors for the park, providing information about nearby attractions and answering questions about local wildlife, plants, and other topics of interest. They often help out with special events like ranger-led programs or volunteer activities. While hosts are expected to be knowledgeable about the park’s offerings, they must also be friendly and approachable in order to provide an enjoyable experience for guests.

Qualifications – Camp hosts must possess basic outdoor skills such as fire building or orienteering and be physically fit enough to handle camping in harsh weather conditions. Organizational skills are important as well since hosts must stay on top of their daily tasks in order to keep campsites clean and orderly.

Hosts should also have good customer service skills since they interact with guests on a daily basis. Most parks require that camp hosts hold valid first aid certification or be willing to take classes prior to starting work.

Benefits – Working as a camp host offers numerous benefits beyond being able to enjoy beautiful outdoor scenery on a regular basis. Hosts typically receive free camping sites for themselves or their vehicle plus discounts on activities such as fishing or kayaking at nearby lakes or streams. Depending on the specific park, hosts may also receive additional perks such as free meals from local restaurants or even free admission into special events like concerts or festivals.


A Camp Host at National Park is an important role that provides many benefits both for visitors and those who fill this position! It is an excellent way for individuals with an affinity for nature to explore its beauty while receiving generous benefits such as free camping sites, discounts on amenities, and more!

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