What Is Slopestyle Mountain Biking?

Slopestyle mountain biking is a type of mountain biking that combines extreme mountain biking with acrobatics, and is often performed in skateparks or similar areas. It focuses on performing tricks while riding over jumps and obstacles, and is a popular form of extreme sports.

The most important element in slopestyle mountain biking is the rider’s ability to perform tricks while maintaining control of their bike. This requires a good sense of balance and skill, as well as a willingness to take risks. Riders must also be able to read the terrain and identify potential obstacles before attempting any tricks.

To ensure safety during slopestyle runs, riders must wear safety gear such as helmets and pads.

Many courses are designed with ramps, drops, and other features designed specifically for slopestyle riding. These features can help riders gain speed or height needed to complete trick combinations.

The goal of slopestyle mountain biking is to create an impressive run that includes trick combinations that display the rider’s skill. Riders can choose from different styles and techniques depending on their preference. Common tricks include wheelies, backflips, tail whips, table tops, barspins, etc.


Slopestyle mountain biking is an exciting form of extreme sports that combines intense bike maneuvers with acrobatics for an adrenaline-filled experience. Riders must have skill and courage to master this sport by combining different tricks on jumps and obstacles while maintaining control of their bike.

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