What Outdoor Plants Are Safe Around Dogs?

Outdoor plants can really enhance a yard or garden, but many pet owners worry about which ones are safe for their furry friends. After all, dogs love to sniff and explore their outdoor environment and you want to make sure that your pup is safe while doing so. Fortunately, there are a variety of outdoor plants that are not only beautiful, but also completely safe for your pup.


Trees can be a beautiful addition to any yard and there are a number of trees that are safe for dogs. Dogwood trees, maple trees, and fruit trees like apple or pear trees are all good options. Be sure to check with your local nursery or plant supplier to find out which varieties of these trees will grow best in your area.


Flowers can add color and texture to your garden and luckily there are several varieties that are safe for your pup. Marigolds, pansies, petunias, impatiens, begonias, and daisies are all great options. They come in a variety of colors so you can create the perfect look for your garden.


Grasses can be an attractive way to add texture and color to your landscape. Some varieties like fescue grasses are completely safe for dogs while other varieties like bluegrass may contain toxins that could make them unsafe. It’s important to check with your local nursery or plant supplier before planting any type of grass in your yard.


In conclusion, there is a wide variety of outdoor plants that are both aesthetically pleasing and safe for dogs.

Trees like dogwood or maple trees as well as flowers such as marigolds or petunias make great additions to any yard. Additionally, some grasses like fescue may be suitable while others should be avoided due to the potential toxins they contain. By taking the time to research which plants will work best in your area you can ensure that both you and your pup will enjoy the great outdoors safely!

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Samantha Mckinney