What Should I Wear for 40 Degrees Mountain Biking?

When mountain biking in 40-degree weather, it’s important to stay cool and comfortable while also protecting your skin from the sun’s rays and other elements. The key to dressing for 40-degree mountain biking is layering, which allows you to add or remove items as the temperature fluctuates.

Start with a base layer made from a lightweight material like polyester or nylon. This will help wick away moisture and keep you dry. A short-sleeved shirt works well for most conditions, but if the temperature is cooler, opt for a long-sleeve shirt or thermal top.

Next, you’ll need insulation that can provide warmth without causing overheating. Opt for a light fleece or wool layer if temperatures are below 40 degrees; otherwise, a lightweight windbreaker should suffice.

For leg protection, choose shorts or pants that provide coverage from abrasive surfaces and rocks while allowing plenty of ventilation. Look for pants with mesh panels to keep your legs cool and dry as you ride. Alternatively, consider wearing tights made from moisture wicking materials like polyester or spandex.

For extra protection from the sun and wind, don a breathable cycling cap with an adjustable brim and neck coverage. Add layers depending on the weather conditions–a lightweight rain jacket can be used on cooler days or when there’s rain in the forecast–and make sure to pack extra clothing in case of unexpected changes in weather.

Conclusion: In 40-degree mountain biking weather, dressing appropriately is essential for staying comfortable and safe on the trails. Start with a base layer made of polyester/nylon material followed by an insulating layer such as fleece/wool if needed.

Protect your legs with shorts/pants designed specifically for cycling that offer coverage without causing overheating. Don’t forget to wear a breathable cycling cap with an adjustable brim and neck coverage plus layers depending on the weather conditions including a lightweight rain jacket when necessary.

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Jennifer Watson