When Did Sun Valley Ski Resort Open?

Sun Valley Ski Resort, located in Sun Valley, Idaho, opened its doors on December 21, 1936. The resort was the vision of Union Pacific Railroad executive Averell Harriman and was the first ski resort in the United States to feature chairlifts. The original Union Pacific Ski Bowl included two chairlifts and two rope tows that allowed skiers to access terrain on Bald Mountain.

The resort quickly became a favorite with celebrities and Hollywood stars who appreciated its luxurious amenities and close proximity to Los Angeles. Among the first to take advantage of the opportunity were Sonja Henie, Gary Cooper, Ernest Hemingway and Clark Gable. Many other famous visitors followed over the years including John F. Kennedy, Walt Disney and Ronald Reagan.

Today, Sun Valley is still a popular destination for skiers from around the world. It features some of the finest skiing terrain in North America along with a renowned ski school and some of the best snow conditions in Idaho. In addition to skiing, guests can enjoy an array of activities from ice skating to Nordic skiing.

Conclusion: Sun Valley Ski Resort opened on December 21st 1936 as the first ski resort in America with chairlifts. Since then it has become one of North America’s premier ski destinations for both locals and visitors alike due to its luxurious amenities, excellent snow conditions and wide range of activities.

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