When Did the First Ski Resort Open?

It’s hard to imagine a winter without skiing. Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports, and it’s been around for centuries. But when did the first ski resort open?

The history of skiing can be traced back to ancient times, when inhabitants of Scandinavia and Northern Europe used skis to travel over snowy terrain. But the modern concept of a ski resort didn’t emerge until the 19th century. The first skiing resort was established in 1861 in Tromsø, Norway by a Norwegian physicist named Henrik Greve Mohn.

Mohn’s ski resort offered skiing classes and equipment rentals, as well as a place to rest and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It quickly gained popularity among locals and tourists alike, and soon other resorts started cropping up all over Norway and Europe.

As skiing became more popular, resorts started popping up elsewhere in the world. The United States saw its first ski resort open in 1932 at Woodstock, Vermont. Since then, ski resorts have become increasingly popular around the world, from Japan to Canada.

Today, there are more than 5,000 ski resorts all over the globe. These resorts offer everything from beginner lessons to backcountry treks for experienced skiers. They also provide a variety of activities for non-skiers such as snowshoeing, ice skating, snowmobiling, tubing and more.

In conclusion, the first ever ski resort opened in 1861 in Tromsø, Norway by Henrik Greve Mohn. Since then it has become an increasingly popular winter activity around the world with over 5,000 ski resorts now scattered across different countries offering various activities for both skiers and non-skiers alike.

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