Where Are the Best Mountain Biking Destinations in Europe?

Mountain biking is the sport of riding a bicycle on undulating terrain, usually off-road. It is an increasingly popular pursuit across Europe, with some of the continent’s most stunning natural landscapes offering perfect biking terrain.

Whether you’re looking for technical singletrack or smooth rolling trails, there is something for everyone when it comes to mountain biking in Europe. Here are some of the best destinations for mountain biking in Europe:

1. Les Gets, France

Les Gets is a small Alpine village located in the French Alps and offers some of the best mountain biking in Europe.

The area boasts a vast network of trails that cater to all levels of riders, from beginner to advanced. There are plenty of lifts around the area which help riders get to the top quickly and easily so they can take advantage of the great downhill runs available.

2. Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites region in northern Italy offer some excellent mountain biking opportunities.

With a variety of terrain ranging from rocky trails to rolling hills and plenty of downhill routes, this region has something for everyone. The area also has some spectacular views which make it even more enjoyable.

3. Whistler Bike Park, Canada

Whistler Bike Park is one of the most famous mountain bike parks in North America and offers some great riding opportunities for European visitors too. The park features a wide range of trails from beginner to expert level and is well known for its long descents and technical sections.

4. BikePark Wales

BikePark Wales is one of Europe’s premier mountain bike parks with over 50 miles (80km) of trails available for riders to explore. The park has become increasingly popular due to its variety of terrain and challenging features such as jumps, wooden bridges and berms.


Europe has no shortage of amazing places to go mountain biking with something suitable for all levels – whether you’re looking for technical singletracks or easy rolling trails there’s sure to be somewhere that suits you perfectly! From Les Gets in France, to BikePark Wales in UK, there are many destinations across Europe that offer incredible rides – so get out there and explore!

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