Where Can I Camp for Free in Zion National Park?

Camping in Zion National Park is a great way to experience the natural beauty and unique wildlife found in the park. There are many options when it comes to camping in Zion National Park, including both free and paid camping opportunities.

For those seeking to camp for free, there are two main areas that offer no-cost camping within the park: Kolob Canyons and the main canyon. The main canyon is open year-round and offers a number of dispersed camping sites throughout the park, but be aware that many of these sites can get crowded during peak times. Kolob Canyons is open during the warmer months and provides several excellent, secluded spots for free camping, though be sure to check with the local ranger station before setting up camp.

There are also some private campsites located outside of Zion National Park, which offer additional free camping opportunities. These sites may require a small fee for entry or have additional restrictions, so it’s important to research any potential campsite before committing to it.

In addition to these no-cost options, there are several paid campgrounds located within Zion National Park as well as in nearby towns. Paid campgrounds typically provide more amenities than those found in dispersed or private campsites, such as restrooms and showers, as well as more reliable access to water sources.

No matter what type of camping experience you’re looking for, there’s an option for you in Zion National Park. Whether you’re searching for a peaceful spot surrounded by nature or a place with plenty of amenities nearby, there’s something for everyone when it comes to exploring this beautiful national park.


Where Can I Camp for Free in Zion National Park? There are several excellent options available both within the park itself and outside its boundaries that offer no-cost camping opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a secluded spot surrounded by nature or want access to amenities like restrooms and showers, there is something available that will meet your needs while exploring this amazing national park.

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