Where Can I Camp in Mount Rainier National Park?

Mount Rainier National Park is one of the most stunning outdoor destinations in the world. With majestic views of Mount Rainier, miles of trails and a variety of plants and animals, it’s a perfect place to camp and explore.

The park has six developed campgrounds located in different sections of the park, including Ohanapecosh, Cougar Rock, White River, Mowich Lake, Ohanapecosh Group Campground and Ipsut Creek. Each campground offers different amenities such as picnic tables, fire pits, restrooms with running water and flush toilets.

Some sites also offer electrical hookups for RVs. There is no water or electricity available at any backcountry campgrounds.

The park also offers a variety of backcountry camping experiences for those who want to explore more remote areas of the park. Backcountry camping permits are required for all overnight trips into the backcountry and should be obtained well in advance from any ranger station in the park or online at www.nps.gov/mora/planyourvisit/backcountry-camping-permit-regulations.htm.

There are several designated wilderness areas within the park that allow visitors to experience more secluded camping areas away from roads and other development. The most popular wilderness area is called Mystic Lake which has a limited number of backcountry campsites available by permit only during specific times throughout the year.

Wilderness camping can also be done outside of designated wilderness areas but requires a little more planning as there are no facilities or services provided by the park service in these areas. Visitors must bring all their own supplies including food, water and shelter equipment as well as practice Leave No Trace principles such as packing out all trash and burying human waste properly.


Mount Rainier National Park is an excellent destination for camping with its six developed campgrounds offering amenities such as picnic tables and fire pits along with several wilderness areas for more secluded camping experiences by permit only.

Where Can I Camp in Mount Rainier National Park? There are 6 developed campgrounds located throughout Mount Rainier National Park offering amenities such as picnic tables and fire pits along with several designated wilderness areas available by permit only for more secluded camping experiences.

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