Where Is the Best Place to Mount a GoPro When Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking is a thrilling and rewarding sport, and many riders want to capture the action and adrenaline of their rides. GoPro cameras are an ideal choice for recording the experience of mountain biking, as they are rugged, mountable, and waterproof. However, the best place to mount a GoPro when mountain biking depends on what aspect of the ride you wish to capture.

For Filming Yourself: For riders who want to film themselves while riding, the best place to mount a GoPro is on your helmet. This provides an unobstructed view of everything ahead of you and your facial expressions as you go through any jumps or technical sections.

It also allows you to narrate your ride if desired.

For Wide-Angle Shots: If instead you’re looking for more sweeping shots of the terrain around you, then mounting a GoPro on your handlebars may be better suited for this purpose. This will give viewers an idea of how steep and technical the terrain is that you’re riding. You can also get some great shots of yourself riding with this type of setup.

For POV Shots: If you want to capture what it feels like to be in your shoes while mountain biking then mounting a GoPro on your chest or waist is recommended. This will give viewers an immersive experience — as if they were going through all the jumps and technical sections with you.


No matter what type of video footage you’re trying to capture when mountain biking, there is a perfect place for mounting a GoPro that will give you great results. Whether it’s filming yourself on your helmet, getting wide-angle shots from your handlebars, or capturing POV footage from chest or waist mounts — there is something for everyone.

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