Which GoPro Mount Is Best for Mountain Biking?

GoPro mounts provide an invaluable service to mountain bikers by enabling them to capture every exciting moment of their rides. There are a plethora of GoPro mounts available on the market, each designed for specific activities, so choosing the right mount for mountain biking can be a daunting task. To make sure that you get the best out of your GoPro experience, it’s important to choose the right mount.

One of the most popular GoPro mounts used for mountain biking is the chest mount. This type of mount gives you an immersive view while allowing you to capture all your action from a first-person perspective.

The chest mount is also great for capturing fast-paced footage as it allows your camera to move freely with your body’s movements. The chest mount is adjustable and can be worn over clothing or directly on your skin.

Another popular GoPro mount used by mountain bikers is the handlebar/seatpost/pole mount. This type of mount is designed to attach your GoPro to any round or semi-round tube from 0.75″ to 1.4″ in diameter and allows you to capture an action-packed view of your ride without having to hold onto the camera yourself. The handlebar/seatpost/pole mount can also be quickly adjusted and removed, making it perfect for quick trips.

Finally, there is also the helmet mount which gives you a great view from above, capturing all your stunts and trails from a bird’s eye perspective. The helmet mount attaches securely to any vented helmet and can be adjusted quickly and easily with its three-way pivot arm.


When choosing a GoPro Mount for mountain biking it’s important to consider what type of footage you want to capture as well as how easy and secure it will be while out on the trail. The chest mount provides an immersive first-person perspective, while the handlebar/seatpost/pole mount offers an easy way to capture action-packed shots without having to hold onto the camera yourself.

The helmet mount allows you to capture all your stunts and trails from above with ease. Ultimately, when deciding which GoPro Mount is best for mountain biking, it comes down to personal preference.

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