Who Is the Best Mountain Biking in the World?

Mountain biking is a growing and exciting sport that has developed over the last few decades. It is an extreme sport that requires skill and agility, as well as strength and endurance.

As with any activity, there are those who excel at it, and those who are considered to be the best in the world. So, who is the best mountain biker in the world?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask and what criteria you use to determine the best mountain biker. Some might argue that it’s all about results, with the top-ranked rider in International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) World Rankings being named as the best. Others might say that it’s not just about results but also about style, technical ability, or even creativity on a trail.

One of the most successful mountain bikers in recent years is legendary downhill racer Aaron Gwin. Gwin has won several IMBA World Cup titles, including a record-breaking five consecutive wins from 2014-2018.

He has also been crowned UCI Mountain Bike World Champion four times since 2011. Gwin’s success on steep technical tracks has earned him praise from fans and competitors alike for his fearless riding style.

Another popular name among mountain biking enthusiasts is Canadian freeride rider Brett Rheeder. Rheeder has won multiple Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) Diamond Series titles over the years, and his back-flips off huge doubles have become iconic images of modern mountain biking. Rheeder has also earned respect for his creative riding lines which often see him find innovative ways of tackling difficult trails.

For some people, American legend Hans Rey might be considered to be the greatest mountain biker of all time. Rey is renowned for pushing boundaries with his pioneering spirit – from inventing tricks to tackling some of nature’s most challenging terrains – he’s done it all during his long career spanning more than 20 years as a professional athlete.


Ultimately, there is no definitive answer as to who is the best mountain biker in the world; it depends on your own opinion and criteria for determining greatness. However, some names stand out more than others when it comes to excellence in this sport – Aaron Gwin, Brett Rheeder and Hans Rey – each having achieved impressive results over their respective careers.

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