Why Are Some Outdoor Lights Blue?

The color of light produced by outdoor lighting fixtures has been a source of debate for many years. In the past, white lights were considered the preferable choice since they produce a bright glow and make it easier to see at night. However, in recent years, blue lights have become increasingly popular for outdoor lighting due to their ability to reduce glare and provide a more pleasant atmosphere. But why are some outdoor lights blue?

The most common type of blue light used for outdoor lighting is called “cool-white” LED lighting. This type of LED light produces a cool, blue-tinted light that is much easier on the eyes than traditional white light sources. The reason for this is because blue light waves are shorter than those of white or yellow light, which makes them less intense and therefore less likely to cause glare or eye strain. Additionally, cool-white LED lighting produces less heat than traditional bulbs, helping to reduce energy consumption.

The use of blue outdoor lights also provides other benefits beyond just a pleasant atmosphere. For example, studies have shown that blue lighting can help reduce crime in public areas by making it harder for people to hide in the dark corners of the night. Blue lights can also be used to deter insects since they are less attractive to them than white or yellow lights.

In addition to these practical benefits, some people also simply prefer the aesthetic appeal of blue outdoor lighting. Blue lights can create a calming atmosphere and give off an inviting glow that can make any outdoor space look more welcoming and inviting.


All in all, there are numerous reasons why some outdoor lights are now being made with blue LEDs instead of traditional white or yellow bulbs. Blue light has the potential to reduce glare and eye strain while providing an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that can make any outdoor space look more inviting and welcoming. Additionally, it can also help reduce crime and deter insects from entering certain areas.

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