Why Should Hiking Boots Be a Size Bigger?

Hiking boots are a must for anyone who loves the outdoors and takes part in regular hikes. Not only do they provide the necessary traction to keep you safe, but they also help protect your feet from the elements and any potential hazards that may be present. As such, it is important to ensure that your hiking boots are the right size for your feet.

When it comes to ensuring that your hiking boots fit properly, there is one general rule of thumb: always go up one size from your typical shoe size. The reason why is because your feet will swell when you are out on a long hike due to perspiration and increased blood flow.

If you don’t have sufficient room in the toes of your hiking boots, then you could end up with blisters and other painful foot issues due to friction caused by ill-fitting footwear.

Another consideration when it comes to sizing is that different brands of hiking boots may fit differently than others. It is important to read reviews of other hikers who have purchased the same brand before purchasing, as this can give you an indication of what size might be best for you. Additionally, many outdoor stores offer foot measurements so that you can ensure a proper fit before making a purchase.

Also remember that if you plan on wearing thick socks with your boots, then it is essential to go up one full size from what you normally wear as thick socks can cause too much compression otherwise and make it difficult for your feet to move around comfortably.


Hiking boots should always be bought a size larger than usual in order to ensure proper fit and prevent any issues due to friction or compression. Different brands may fit differently, so reading reviews or having a professional measure at an outdoor store can help narrow down exactly what size will work best for you. Remembering this simple rule of thumb can help keep you safe and comfortable while on the trails.

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