Will County IL Hiking Trails?

Will County, Illinois is a great place to go for a hike. With over 800 miles of trails, Will County is home to some of the best hiking trails in the Midwest. From easy strolls along the Des Plaines River to grueling climbs up steep hills, Will County has something for everyone.

Des Plaines River Trail: The Des Plaines River Trail runs through Will County and is a great way to explore the area. This trail is approximately 90 miles long and passes through forests, prairies, and wetlands. Along the way, visitors can spot many different kinds of birds and other wildlife.

I&M Canal Trail: The I&M Canal Trail runs along the historic Illinois & Michigan Canal and is approximately 60 miles long. Along this trail, visitors can see many historic sites such as old locks and other remnants from when the canal was in operation in the 19th century.

Morris Park Trails: Morris Park has several trails that offer visitors spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. These trails range from easy to moderate in difficulty and are great for hikers of all ages and skill levels.

Sugar Creek Trails: Sugar Creek Trails are located near Joliet and offer hikers beautiful views of wetlands and forests. These trails range from easy to difficult with plenty of options for all levels of hikers.

Conclusion: Will County has something for everyone when it comes to hiking trails. Whether you’re looking for an easy stroll along a river or a more challenging climb up a hill, there are plenty of options available in Will County IL that will leave you with unforgettable memories of your outdoor adventure!

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