Will Olympic Mountain Biking Be Televised?

The Summer Olympics are only a few short months away and excitement is already building. One of the most highly anticipated events of the Games is mountain biking, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. The question on many people’s minds is whether or not this thrilling sport will be televised during the Olympics?

The answer to that question depends on several factors, such as where the mountain biking events are being held and what television networks will be covering them. In recent years, mountain biking has been featured in some of the world’s most iconic locations such as Switzerland’s Matterhorn and France’s Mont Blanc. Both of these locations have spectacular scenery and provide great opportunities for television coverage.

In addition to the location of the event, television networks must also decide if they have the resources to cover mountain biking during the Olympics. Many networks do not have dedicated crews for mountain biking, so they might need to hire additional staff or use freelancers to cover the events. This could add extra costs that could prevent some networks from televising mountain biking during the Olympics.

Another factor that could influence whether or not mountain biking is televised is viewership numbers. Networks must consider how popular mountain biking is with viewers when deciding if it should be covered during the Olympics. If viewership numbers are low, networks may opt not to air it due to its lack of profitability.

Despite these potential obstacles, there is still hope that we will be able to watch Olympic-level mountain biking this summer. There are already several dedicated networks that specialize in covering extreme sports like mountain biking, so they may be more likely to show these events during the Olympic Games. Additionally, some larger networks may also decide that covering these events would be a great way to attract viewers and increase their ratings.


At this point it’s too early to tell if Olympic-level mountain biking will be televised this summer but there is reason for optimism. With dedicated extreme sports networks showing an interest in airing these events and larger networks recognizing their potential for increased viewership, we may yet see this thrilling sport on our screens come August!

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