You May Have Considered Your Clothing, Under a Tree’s Canopy, or Your Camping Tent as Ideal Shade From the Sun’s Penetrating Rays….UPF Rating – What Is It?

Summer is here and that means the sun is shining bright. As we all know, the sun’s rays can be damaging and cause serious skin damage.

It is important to protect yourself from these harmful rays by using proper clothing and other items with a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating.

UPF rating is a number that indicates how well a fabric blocks UV radiation. The ratings range from 15 to 50+, with 15 blocking 93% of UV radiation, 30 blocking 97% of radiation and 50+ blocking 98%. A fabric’s UPF rating is determined by the material it is made of, the type of weave it has, and its color.

When shopping for clothing or other items with a UPF rating, it is important to look for fabrics made from tightly woven materials such as cotton or linen. These fabrics are more effective at blocking UV radiation than loosely woven materials like polyester.

Additionally, dark colors block more UV radiation than lighter colors. So if you are looking for something with a high UPF rating, stick to darker colors.

In addition to purchasing clothing with a high UPF rating, you may have considered your clothing under a tree’s canopy or in your camping tent as ideal shade from the sun’s penetrating rays. While this type of shade does offer some protection from the sun’s rays, it does not provide anywhere near the same level of protection as clothing with an actual UPF rating does.


When it comes to protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, having clothing or other items with an adequate UPF rating is essential. Be sure to look for fabrics made from tightly woven materials such as cotton or linen and darker colors when shopping for items with higher ratings. While natural shade such as trees or tents can provide some protection, they cannot compare to having actual UPF rated items.

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